Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Final Call

The artwork was been started on 2014 and paused after completion of 50 percent. Initially I did few concept sketches of the main character which was been inspired from Blizzard artworks.
Recently I thought to complete few of my old unfinished artworks and this piece is one of them. I have re-started working on the main character and the overall composition. After receiving some feedback from my wife which was specially to fill up the background with more crowd characters. As this was not a part in my initial composition so I sketched few concept designs of the beast and the soldier. Based on the concept sketch I did speed sculpting of the background characters. To fasten up my process I have used the same background characters and to achieve variation in them I have added armor in one and excluded in other.
The main character and ground been rendered in Maya VRay while the texturing been done in Zbrush poly paint with the support of Photoshop. To save time the background characters been rendered in Zbrush itself with different material.
To keep the characters more focused here I painted the background in grey and dark tonal values. At the end the final composition been done in Photoshop.The whole process became more fun as the overall concept was not ready initially and it’s been developed with the time.

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