Saturday, November 28, 2009


Hi Guys,
After a long time.......This sculpt I did for to participate in a competition. Subject was " Femme Fatal ". I named my girl Melissa.The origin of Melissa comes from the ancient Hittite word Melita which means honey which resembles sweetness but she is very hot & sexy. She posses a very high sexual desire & to fulfill that she uses her attractive figure to capture the human beings. And after that her one bite is enough to kill them as because her blood is being dissolved with the poison of scorpion.
So here was my final Render.......still I want to continue with the texture and with better lighting. Hope u guys will like it.


(OBBI) said...

I really like that character Beautiful sculpt and polypaint.

Mridul Sen said...

Thanks OBBI ..... :)